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(Aside: this 14-year old website is now being reborn! It is being rebuilt from the ground up and transformed into a wiki to allow everyone to contribute!)


Since 1994, Cytex Corporation has been providing quality Information Technology (IT) expertise.
  1. Since the beginning, we have been providing custom IT consulting to businesses in Southern California, including Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area.
    1. We specialize in system administration and web programming.
    2. We work mostly in Microsoft technologies but increasingly in Open Source & Linux.
    3. We offer
      1. in-person service at your location,
        including working at off-time hours (as night) so to have minimal disruption of your operations,
      2. plus working remotely thru the Internet to to save you the costs of drive time plus give you faster service.
    4. We charge by the hour, not by the job, since work (especially IT work) is highly custom.
      We also charge for driving time TO (but not from) your location.
    5. We accept payment by Paypal, credit cards, check, and cash.
    6. We document all our work.
    7. And, unlike some other consulting businesses,
      our overall priority is to minimize your long-term costs, including:
      1. selling you hardware at our costs (we charge only for our time).
      2. using the latest technologies & tricks for everyone we help to "Work smarter, not harder".
    8. But we don't stop there...  "If you just give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  But if you teach a man to fish, he eats for the rest of his life!" 
      So on that note, we have been publishing free how-to instructions on our web-site since 1995.  And indeed at one point our site grew to 150 pages.
  2. Now 2008.11.03, our IT Expertise site is being rebuilt from the ground up and transformed into:
    1. a wiki, to allow everyone to contribute!   This will hopefully make it much more complete & interesting than what our internal staff could ever accomplish alone.
    2. and also now ad-supported (via embedded, and ideally very relevant, ads).  So please visit our advertisers' sites if they interest you, as your visit helps support our work plus you can often discover even more interesting stuff from the ads.
And more details to come.  In the meantime,

To see what's here, see "Navigate Pages" and "Recently Changed".  (BTW, it currently it contains some IT advice articles.)

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